Insourcing Medicaid Eligibility Webinar

Insourcing Medicaid Eligibility: Free Webinar

Insourcing Medicaid EligibilityO’Brien & Feiler recently presented a webinar through Hometown Health University regarding Insourcing Medicaid Eligibility.  Most hospitals seek Medicaid Eligibility on behalf on uninsured patients.  Not only does this benefit the hospital, but it benefits patients, and the stakes have never been higher.  Unexpected medical debt is the leading cause of consumer bankruptcy in the United States, and rural hospitals are operating under tight margins and a heavy regulatory burden.  The purpose of the webinar is to discuss a new approach that hospitals are taking to traditional eligibility efforts.  Some hospitals are beginning to move toward Insourcing Medicaid Eligibility, thus reducing vendor costs and bringing control of the process back under direct supervision.  These efforts are examined and discussed, as well as efforts at encouraging presumptive eligibility efforts.  Click this link to view the webinar, and please contact Thomas O’Brien at O’Brien & Feiler with questions.

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