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A Marietta Disability Lawyer Can Help

Living with a disability can be a challenge, especially if you are unable to work. Sometimes an illness increases into a long term health situation, and sometimes an unexpected event or injury causes irreparable harm. If that illness or injury prevents you from working, a Marietta Disability Lawyer may be able to assist you with eligibility for monthly financial assistance from federal Social Security disability programs like SSI or Disability. These programs come bundled with health insurance as well.

Qualifying for SSI or Social Security disability benefits can be a challenging and lengthy situation, and having a Marietta Disability Lawyer on your side can make a huge difference. Factors that Social Security will consider when evaluating SSI or Disability claims include age, education, past work experience, and the nature, severity, and treatment of your medical condition. One way to improve the odds of succeeding in your quest for benefits is by speaking with a Disability Lawyer.

An experienced Marietta Social Security lawyer will often be the difference between winning or losing your claim for disability or SSI benefits. The attorneys at O’Brien & Feiler have a proven history of successfully assisting with challenging claims for SSI or Disability Benefits.

SSDI and SSI for the Disabled

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) are two programs administered by the Social Security Administration. These programs provide financial and health benefits to people whose physical or mental health prevents them from earning a subsistence.

What is Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)?

SSDI benefits are also known as Title II benefits, or just plain disability benefits. This program is geared toward individuals with a severe medical impairment which will prevent them for working for a year or more, or which could result in their death. These benefits are only payable to people with a robust work history in a position that paid into disability through OASDI deductions. A Marietta Disability Attorney can help puzzle through this analysis and provide a clear opinion whether these benefits are available to a person claiming benefits. These benefits provide a pathway to Medicare eligibility as well as benefits for dependents.

What is Supplemental Security Income (SSI)?

SSI benefits are also known as Title XVI (Title 16) benefits. Supplemental Security Income does not require the same work history as above, but still provides financial and health benefits to individuals with a severe medical impairment which will prevent them for working for a year or more, or which could result in their death. The notable restriction on these benefits relates to the amount of earning and savings held by the applicant. The limits are extremely low, and possessing savings in excess of these low thresholds can prevent claiming these benefits. A Marietta Disability Lawyer can help evaluate SSI claims, and can also make recommendation regarding how best to navigate the earnings limits..

Medical Evidence is of Utmost Importance

A qualified and experienced disability attorney will know how to gather, distill, describe, and present all relevant medical evidence to a Federal Administrative Law Judge. To qualify for SSI or SSDI, it is extraordinarily important that a claimant seek treatment, and ultimately be able to cite to extensive medical treatment records that support or prove a disability. A Marietta Disability Attorney will have the tools to not only retrieve evidence from a variety of sources, but will also be able to communicate with doctors and medical experts in such a way as to secure the most reasonable and helpful description of the medical conditions that cause an individual to be disabled.

The SSI and Disability Claim Pathway

Both programs follow a similar evaluation pathway. An experienced and qualified Marietta Disability Attorney like those at O’Brien & Feiler know every step of the process, anticipate challenges, address concerns, answer questions, and ultimately provide a pathway to benefits that is most likely to result in a grant of SSI or Disability benefits.

The Initial Application

This is a step is primarily form-filling, but sets the table for the entire claim. A Marietta Disability Lawyer can ensure that not only do you provide the correct documentation, but present it in such a way that it maximized early chances of success. Attorneys like O’Brien & Feiler can help Claimants have the best chance of successfully obtaining SSI or Disability benefits at the earliest stage possible. By starting off correctly and with expert counsel, Claimants can ensure that they do not jeopardize their chances from the outset, and can save months or even years waiting for appeals to be processed.


Claimants are able to seek reconsideration if their initial application is denied. A vast majority of claims are denied at the reconsideration stage, so regardless of whether you are working with a Marietta Disability Attorney, please do not lost hope. This portion of the process is the stepping stone between the initial application and appearing in from of an Administrative Law Judge.

Hearing by an Administrative Law Judge

Reconsideration denials may be appealed to Administrative Law Judges. This is the stage at which the odds of success are most favorable, but it is advisable for Claimants to hire a disability lawyer to represent them. This hearing is the single best opportunity to get a real and accessible review of all case evidence, and to make not only a paper case, but in-person arguments in support of a favorable finding. O’Brien & Feiler recommends hiring a disability lawyer to assist with this process, as there is a lot of detail to be accounted for when making such arguments.

A Marietta Social Security Attorney Can Help

If you are worried about the journey to seek SSI or Disability Benefits from Social Security, counsel can help. Complex paperwork, unforgiving deadlines, a huge bureaucracy, and a record chase are components of nearly every disability case. An expert Marietta Disability Lawyer (or Social Security Attorney) can help Claimants and their families navigate this process starting at any stage. It is nearly never too late to call an experience Marietta Disability Attorney and the legal team at O’Brien and Feiler would be pleased to assist.

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