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Atlanta Medical Center to close Nov. 1

Wellstar Health System, the operator of Wellstar Atlanta Medical Center, has confirmed that they will close the Parkway Drive hospital on November 1, with a slowdown in services leading up to the closure. 

Wellstar states that considerable multi-year losses, including more than $107 million over the past 12 months, are the root cause, in addition to the pandemic, rising inflation, and “intense financial headwinds”.  Grady Memorial Hospital did not take the news that they would soon be the only level one trauma center in the metro area lightly and expressed their concern with the expectation that they would be able to properly care for the additional individuals needing emergency services. 

This closure comes shortly after Atlanta Medical Center South was previously turned from a hospital into a 24/7 urgent care center, resulting in a two hospital reduction in the metropolitan Atlanta area.  This closure has gotten the attention of both the Governor’s office, as well as the Mayor of Atlanta, who have expressed concern.  As additional facts are released, they will be shared in this blog.

For detailed coverage, visit WSBtv.com.

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