Top 10 List Before Disability Hearing

BREAKING! Past Relevant Work: 15 years to 5

I just received word from NOSSCR that tomorrow, April 18, 2024, the Social Security Administration will publish a new rule that should benefit individuals claiming Social Security Disability and SSI benefits. This new rule, which will be effective on June 8, 2024 will reduce the Past Relevant Work (PRW) definition from 15 years to 5. Additionally, they agency will no longer count work that started and stopped in fever than 30 calendar days

These two new changes are Claimant friendly, and recognize that jobs change gradually over the years, and skills learned from many 15-year-old jobs look completely different from how those jobs will be performed present day. I applaud Commissioner Martin O’Malley on making changes that are based on common-sense and humanity.

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