O’Brien & Feiler’s Six Rs of Liability Claim Resolution

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OBF's 6 Rs of Liability Claim Resolution
Step 1: ReferStep 2: ResearchStep 3: ReactStep 4: RemindStep 5: RecoverStep 6: Report

Step 1: Refer

  • Custom-built technology works with most EHR systems to harvest referrals.
  • All data transfers occur using HIPAA compliant technology.
  • ICD-10 ranges, liability flags, or other proprietary identifiers may be used to identify claims.

Step 2: Research

  • Understanding the unique properties of each claim is pivotal to achieving fast, fair resolution.
  • Identifying attorneys, insurance carriers, and involved parties, and reviewing official reports.
  • Determining the recovery channel most likely to lead to fair, fast resolution.
    • Medical Payments Coverage
    • Third Party Liability
    • Workers Comp.
    • Crime Victims Comp.
    • Coordination of Benefits
    • Medicare as Secondary Payer
    • Medicaid as a Payer of Last Resort

Step 3: React

  • Placing medical provider liens with proper notice and statutory compliance.
  • Ensuring that all parties know that the medical provider is protected.
  • Quickly supplying bills and records to insurers, attorneys, and appropriate parties.
  • Returning cases that do not have an institutional path to recovery.

Step 4: Remind

  • Maintaining regular contact with insurance companies.
  • Seeking regular status updates from Plaintiff’s attorneys.
  • Ensuring that all parties know that the medical provider is engaged and seeking fair compensation, and is protected by law.

Step 5: Recover

  • Facilitating proper compensation from Workers Compensation.
  • Negotiating equitable settlements with Plaintiff’s attorneys, adjusters, and others.
  • Assisting patients when communicating with Crime Victims Compensation.
  • Filing enforcement lawsuits against deep-pocketed institutions when appropriate.

Step 6: Report

  • Providing clear top-level information regarding all elements of OBF efforts.
  • Supplying granular level case detail regarding each individual claim.
  • Designing custom reports to respond to individual client needs.