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Michael H. Kleinman is an Emory University School of Law Honors Graduate and has worked on a wide range of disability, insurance, and regulatory matters including education discrimination and the distribution of federal grant funds. After graduating law school, Michael worked as a civil rights fellow, where he helped prepare cases involving free speech and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act. Michael joined O’Brien & Feiler in 2016 and has fought as a zealous advocate for clients deserving of Social Security Disability benefits, and has been involved as counsel in hundreds of disability claims. Michael earned his Bachelors Degree in Philosophy from the University of Pennsylvania.
passive income tree

Passive Income Can Affect Disability Claims

In every disability case, a Claimant’s cash flow (Passive Income and Regular Income) are observed.  These earnings may be examined for evidence of Substantial Gainful Activity, or they may be examined for the purpose of reducing SSI benefits.  In all cases though, the nature of the earnings is important.  In […]

Transferable Skills

Transferable Skills and the DOT

One of the more technical and intimidating aspects for individuals who worked in highly skilled jobs is understanding how transferable skills are analyzed during the disability hearing. For claimants with skilled or highly skilled work backgrounds—as opposed to those with only unskilled backgrounds requiring little training or education— winning a […]

things to avoid

First, Do No Harm. Things to Avoid When Seeking Disability

The Social Security Disability application process provides a path to secure vital support for disabled individuals who can no longer perform work in the national economy.  However, various things to avoid can derail claims that should otherwise win.  The key factor to winning a disability case is to ensure that […]

Disability Claim Types Doors

Different Disability Claim Types Require Different Approaches

While proving disability may seem like a universal task, the journey can be widely different for individuals based on the disability claim types presented by their health challenges.  This article will lay out a few of the major categories and types of disability claims, and the special challenges and opportunities […]

Workers Compensation Offset and Disability

The Workers Compensation Offset and Disability

Disabled individuals who have also suffered work-related injuries should be aware of the “Workers Compensation Offset”.  The Workers Compensation Offset may reduce available disability benefits, affect future Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, and can potentially be made better by crafting settlement documents properly. What is the Workers Compensation Offset? In […]