Why contact a Cobb County Disability Lawyer?

Why contact a Cobb County Disability Lawyer?

Applying for disability benefits ( SSDI / SSI ) in Cobb County, Georgia is a challenging and lengthy undertaking.  Many people get turned down when first applying, but a qualified Cobb County Disability Lawyer can offer help you navigate this complex system.  When evaluating lawyers, Claimants will want to ensure that they hire a firm that dedicates a substantial portion of their practice to this complex area of law, because there are a lot of potential issues when applying.  For help with your disability claim, contact O’Brien & Feiler, a Cobb County Disability Lawyer team who can help you get SSI and SSDI benefits.  O’Brien & Feiler can only be paid legal fees if you win back benefits, and they have been assisting disability Claimants since 1998.  Call 1-844-OBF-WINS (1-844-623-3461) to speak with a Cobb County Disability Lawyer for free.

Securing Social Security ( SSDI or SSI ) benefits in Cobb County, Georgia

Disability (aka SSDI) works like an insurance policy that is purchased from the government using withholdings from your paycheck.  Supplemental Security Income (SSI) does not have work requirements but has firm financial restrictions.  Both programs require that Claimants prove that they have a disabling condition – mental or physical – and those programs will pay a monthly cash benefit to help cover monthly costs, and they will further unlock health benefits which can help defray the cost of future medical care.

This process is can be quite slow.  Cases that require review by and ALJ will take two or more years to come to conclusion.  Cases that are initiated at Cobb County, Georgia Social Security Offices are likely to be denied at the initial and reconsideration levels, but at the hearing level they have the greatest chance to be paid.  To avoid having your claim denied, it is important to ensure that the forms and records are prepared properly, that your medical record is complete for the period of disability, that you continue to seek medical care during the application period, and that you be extremely careful about the amount of work done (and compensation you receive) should you work after applying.  We recommend seeking help from an experienced Cobb County Disability Lawyer when applying for SSDI or SSI benefits.

What factors may qualify me for Social Security ( SSDI / SSI ) benefits?

SSDI insurance benefits are available to individuals with a history of work (or in certain cases being a relative of such an individual), and SSI benefits are for people with very low income and resources.  Both programs require documented proof of a medical condition or a severe medically determinable impairment during the period of disability that the patient is claiming.

SSDI and SSI Programs Require:

  • Proof of a severe mental or physical impairment or impairments
  • The conditions must last or be expected to last more than 1 year or be terminal
  • You must be unable to perform your past work and in many cases any kind of full time work

SSDI will require:

  • a robust work history at a job that withheld OASDI (for you or the wage earner)
  • people who were self-employed will need to check to ensure that they paid in to Social Security by viewing their mySocialSecurity.com account
  • for many people, working 5 out of the 10 years before becoming disabled is will be enough to qualify them
  • benefits levels will be based on earnings history

SSI will require:

  • very little to no income at all
  • resources fewer than $2,000 for single individuals and $3,000 for married people
  • your home and one car will not be counted as resources, but land and other vehicles may
  • your benefits will be a fixed amount if you secure benefits

Which disabilities will qualify me for Social Security ( SSDI / SSI ) benefits?

Any severe medical impairment that is adequately documented can qualify you for benefits if it is provable severe enough to prevent work.  This includes both mental and physical problems, as well as combinations of less severe medical problems that nonetheless result in functional limitations.  In every case, medical records (proof of disability) are of the utmost importance.  To further explain, medical records from the time period you were disabled are very important.  The Social Security Administration (SSA) maintains a list of conditions and criteria that qualify a Claimant for disability.  This list is called the Blue Book and it can be found here.  Some of the conditions in the Blue Book Include:

  • Joint disease
  • Spinal disease
  • Seizure disorder
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Symptomatic heart disease
  • Digestive disorders
  • Loss of hearing or vision
  • Neuropathy
  • Cancer (neoplastic diseases)

In certain cases though, just having one of these conditions is not sufficient.  You must have this diagnosis for the entire claimed period of disability, and the limitations caused by the diagnosis must be documented and provable.  Seeking assistance from an experienced Cobb County Disability Lawyer will almost certainly help.

My Social Security ( SSDI / SSI ) benefits claim was denied.  Can a Cobb County Disability Lawyer help?

Without a doubt.  First, know that you are in good company.  A vast majority of claims are denied at the Initial and Reconsideration levels of appeal.  Do not give up, but know that there are actions you can take to improve your chances of securing benefits.

Secondly, speak with a Cobb County Disability Lawyer who has experience handling Social Security ( SSDI / SSI ) claims and appeals.  There are multiple levels of appeal when applying for disability or SSI, and your chances of success are greatest at the Administrative Law Judge Level.  Despite this fact, you should never attend a court date without counsel.  Also, you should seek medical treatment from doctors who will document your impairments and the physical or mental limitations that they cause.  This is especially important for prople under the age of 50 who must meet an even higher level of proof than those 50 and above.  It is helpful to have an experienced disability attorney on your side who knows about making these arguments and properly building cases.  An experienced Cobb County Disability Lawyer with an experienced team will know the weak and strong points about your case and will help increase your chances of success.

Talk with a Cobb County Disability Lawyer for Free

Getting approved for Social Security benefits ( SSDI and SSI ) can make the difference between having a home and not, having food or not, and caring for the ones you love.  O’Brien & Feiler would be pleased to help you fight denials, or prepare your case properly from the very beginning.  O’Brien & Feiler is a firm that is experienced at properly preparing disability claims and mounting appeals.  A talk with a Cobb County Disability Lawyer at O’Brien & Feiler costs nothing.  Call O’Brien & Feiler at 1-844-OBF-WINS or fill out this form to seek your FREE consultation.