Medicaid Eligibility Solutions

A Continuum of Care

Medicaid Eligibility is the process of establishing patient access to state and federally funded benefits.  Done properly, this process improves access to ongoing medical care and promotes medical provider sustainability.  Uninsured patients do not always realize that Medicaid, disability, or health coverage may be available, regardless of their citizenship status.  O’Brien & Feiler creates custom solutions to assist uninsured patients and the medical providers that treat them.  From full service Medicaid eligibility through assisting with hospital in-sourcing, our experts stand ready to help medical providers care for the financial health of their patients.

Medicaid Eligibility Continuum

Serving Patients and Providers Alike

Application Assistance

  • Aged, Blind, or Disabled Georgia MedicaidLots of Paperwork
  • Right from the Start Medicaid
  • Medically Needy Coverage
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI) through Title XVI
  • Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB) through Title II
  • Emergency Medical Assistance
  • Hospital Charity Care

Expert Representation at Hearings and Appeals by OBF attorneys

Individualized Attention and Advocacy

Eligiblity RevenueFinancial Benefits of Medicaid Eligibility

Reimbursement for Uncompensated Care

Increased Patient Satisfaction

Improved DSH Reporting Statistics

Reliable Charity Care Processing

Custom Financial Reporting

Why O’Brien & Feiler for Medicaid Eligibility?justice

Five star review for OBFThomas O’Brien and his support team are effective, efficient, professional, thorough, knowledgeable, polite, and compassionate. If you need a disability attorney, I recommend you give their office a call today.

Five star review for OBFThey answered all my questions so I could understand what was going on at every moment, they kept me updated throughout the process, and advised me how to help my case along. And everything worked out perfectly. I would hire them again for sure.