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Age Category Calculator

This Age Category Calculator allows users to evaluate their disability age category as of today and as of their Alleged Onset Date (AOD).  It also allows the simulation of a different AOD for the purpose of evaluating whether a change of AOD would have a material impact upon the vocational components of the case.  Don’t forget, your AOD must precede your Date Last Insured (DLI), in order to claim disability benefits.  A Claimant’s age during the disability application process is a critical component of the analysis because it bears directly on how the vocational grid rules apply.

If you are not comfortable assessing the impact of age on your disability case, we strongly recommend speaking with local expert counsel.  If you are in Georgia, the attorneys at O’Brien & Feiler would like to help.  Call today for a free consultation, and pay no legal fees unless we win for you.  If you are not in Georgia, please feel free to contact us for a referral to local counsel near you, and visit OBF TV and our Knowledge Base for more information and tools.