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Length: 42:58 – Topics covered include planning ahead for the hearing, information to have ready, hearing attendees, layout of the hearing room, what happens during the hearing, tough topics, and general advice for Claimants.

Length: 5:08 – Topics covered include several reasons why a Claimant may wish to have assistance when filing for disability.

Length: 13:57 – Topics covered include defining the Alleged Onset Date (AOD), Disability vs. SSI, AOD and the DLI, Back Pay Rules & Policies for SSDI and SSI, and Back Pay Examples.

Length: 11:45 – Topics covered include success rates at each level of appeal,the length of each appeal, speeding up a case, things Claimants can do to help cases, and things they should avoid.

Length: 1:06:05 – This was a Zoom CLE session whose topics included basic application knowledge, information about CDRs (Continuing Disability Reviews), Age 18 Re-determinations, over payments, and general advice.

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