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Vocational Grid Rules

Social Security utilizes the Vocational Grid Rules when an impairment or combination thereof is determined to NOT be “listing level”.  The Grid Rules may be used to direct a finding of disability based on a Claimant’s age, education, the skill level of the Claimant’s Past Relevant Work (PRW), whether the PRW provides transferable skills, and the Residual Functional Capacity (Sedentary, Light, Medium, Heavy, Very Heavy), also known as the RFC, of the Claimant.  Each of these elements must be identified in order to make correct use of the Vocational Grid Rules.  Click here to view the official version of the grid rules – Appendix 2 to Subpart P of Part 404.  For other disability related definitions or information, please see the OBF Glossary, OBF TV, or OBF Knowledge Base.