O’Brien & Feiler Practice Areas

Social Security Disability (SSD)
Seeking Social Security Disability Benefits can be a challenge. Paperwork, deadlines, complex rules, and trial preparation require careful attention and an expert eye. If you are appealing a denial or starting a new Social Security Disability claim, O’Brien & Feiler can assist.
Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
Getting Supplemental Security Income can be complex. There are rules about savings and income, as well as deadlines, evidence submissions, and trial preparation. If you are appealing a denial or starting a new SSI claim, O’Brien & Feiler can assist.
Liability Claim Resolution
OBF secures Liability, Med-Pay, Crime Victims Compensation, Workers Compensation, and Uninsured Motorist Coverage. Finding institutional payments preserve the doctor/patient relationship and ensure that responsible parties compensate medical providers fairly.
Medicaid Eligibility
Medical bills are the number one cause of personal bankruptcy, Medicaid benefits are good for patients, their families, and medical provider. OBF assists with in-sourcing eligibility as well as offering full-service eligibility solutions for providers.
LTD / STD Appeals and Litigation
Let O’Brien & Feiler help you through the process of filing for short-term disability (STD) and long-term disability (LTD) insurance so that you can focus on healing. If you are appealing a denial or are suing an insurer under ERISA, O’Brien & Feiler can assist.
Service Connected Disability Appeals
Appealing a VA service-connected disability benefits decision or increasing your disability rating can be time-consuming and technical. If you have been denied benefits or rated lower than you think is proper, O’Brien & Feiler VA accredited attorneys can help.

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