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Social Security Disability / SSI

Seeking Social Security Disability Benefits or Supplemental Security Income can be a challenge.  Paperwork, deadlines, complex rules, and trial preparation require careful attention and an expert eye.  If you are appealing a denial or starting a new Social Security Disability claim, O’Brien & Feiler can assist with any level of claim.

Learn more about the SSDI / SSI practice here.

Five star review for OBF

Eligibility for Medicaid

With medical bills representing the number one cause of personal bankruptcy, qualifying individuals for Medicaid is good for patients, their families, and the providers that treat them.  OBF assists with in-sourcing eligibility for groups that desire a budget-conscious effort, and OBF also offers a full service comprehensive eligibility solution.

Learn more about the Medicaid Eligibility practice here.

Five star review for OBF

Liability Claim Resolution

OBF’s expert team and unique Six-R process (Refer, Research, React, Remind, Recover, Report) reveals institutional coverage including Liability, Med-Pay Insurance, Crime Victims Compensation, Workers Compensation, and Uninsured Motorist Coverage.  OBF uncovers institutional payment sources to preserve the physician/patient relationship, and to ensure that the proper responsible parties compensate medical providers fairly.

Learn more about the Liability Claim Resolution practice here.