OBF hearing locations

Hearing Office Locations

Get Directions to Hearing Office Locations where OBF Attorneys Regularly Appear

The map below is a list of hearing office locations in the northern half of Georgia (and the Chattanooga office).  These are the offices where O’Brien & Feiler (OBF) attorneys most frequently appear.

To get turn-by-turn directions to hearing office locations from Google, simply click on the map location that matches the address on your Notice of Hearing letter.  OBF recommends that if your hearing office location in unfamiliar territory, take a test drive to ensure that you can get there easily, and to ensure that you account for traffic.

For further assistance, please call the OBF team at the number on the right side of this page.  For information about what to expect at your Georgia disability hearing, visit the OBF Legal Knowledge Base or OBF TVO’Brien & Feiler disability attorneys stand ready to assist Georgia Claimants at every level of appeal.