Social Security Disability Insurance Atlanta

Hiring The Best SSDI Lawyer In Atlanta

If you have something stopping you from obtaining social security benefits, you need a lawyer. But first, you must understand the criteria. Your disability must persist for at least 12 months. In addition, your monthly income must not exceed some very specific limits. This qualification may also depend on your work credits. Work credits are based upon a work history of roughly five to ten years, during which social security taxes are paid consistently.

Once you’re sure that you are eligible for SSDI, you must complete a full application with the required documentation. The Social Security Administration (SSA) will review your request and approve or reject. Because many applications are incorrect or incomplete, many qualified individuals get denied for SSDI. This is why you should consult a lawyer to appeal the decision. If you need the Social Security Disability Insurance Atlanta residents depend on, you need a lawyer. So don’t delay—get results, get benefits.

What To Do When Denied

When you receive a notice of refusal, that notice will contain multiple things: (1) a brief description of the health condition, (2) the various deficiencies considered, (3) the medical and non-medical records considered, and (4) the reasons for the refusal. Our Social Security Disability Insurance Atlanta lawyers remind our clients that denied claims do not mean the process is over. Benefits can still be obtained.

In fact, the SSA rejects most SSDI requests on initial filing, usually because the applicant did not provide sufficient medical evidence to demonstrate the need for disability income. SSD lawyers can review the notice and help gather evidence to affirm the client’s eligibility.

Don’t give up. If your income-generating capacity is hindered due to injury, we are able to help.

Representing Our Clients For SSDI And SSI

We have the consummate SSDI Lawyer Atlanta demands. As a matter of fact, we have dedicated lawyers in your city who make it their primary focus of practice to represent your case to the Social Security Administration (SSA) and win the benefits you deserve. If your request is denied, our Atlanta SSA attorney can guide you through every step of the appeals process and, including court appearances and beyond.

If you need help with an SSD claim, our attorneys can:

  • Help compile information in social security documents and medical records
  • Check for social security claims that are denied
  • Stay with clients during an interview or meeting with the SSA
  • Request to reconsider the appeal on behalf of the client
  • Prepare Claimants and witnesses for any hearing or challenge