Social Security Disability Lawyer Alpharetta

Helping People with Disabilities Across Alpharetta

The OBF Law Firm features a team of highly skilled lawyers and case managers focusing on one thing. We help disabled people in Alpharetta get the SSD Attorneys Alpharetta knows best. We understand the ins and outs of filing a claim, the filing appeals, and the court representation.

We also know the worst consequences when benefits are wrongfully denied.

This makes us fiercely competitive.

So call us. Allow us to make a difference in your life by assisting you throughout the process.

Why Hire Our Disability Attorneys?

There are no doubt our experience matters. This makes the difference between whether you get back pay, or whether you have medical insurance or both. We work diligently to make a positive impact on our clients’ lives. Our disability attorneys in Alpharetta understand claims and clients like nobody else.

Disability and insurance law is all we deal with. Let us put our experience to work for you in getting you your desired claims.

Answering Your Questions And Concerns 

Whenever you have any doubts about your disability claims, our Social Security Disability Lawyer Alpharetta representatives are keen on helping you. The advice they offer is free. The consequences can be life changing. If you’ve decided to apply for your SSD claims or if you have faced a denial already, we suggest you take one more step. Let us answer any questions you may have regarding a disability claim through Social Security.

Are you thinking about applying? Have you already applied? Have you already been denied a Social Security Disability Benefit?

Let the Disability Attorneys of O’Brien & Feiler help you get the disability benefits you need. We are dedicated to representing our clients in their fight to get the benefits they so rightfully deserve and desire. Call us for a Free Confidential Consultation today!