Social Security Disability Lawyer Barrow County

The Truth About SSA Procedures

Getting social security accepted by the Social Security Administration (SSA) is not as easy as filling out forms and then simply collecting the money that follows. Every year, millions of Americans seek some form of social security. Hundreds of thousands of Americans are denied in their first attempt, and sometimes even in second or third attempts. The social security system aims to actively eliminate half of all claimants, which unfortunately means a high risk of refusal.

Conditions For Receiving SSD

The SSA defines disability as a medically determinable physical or mental disability that may result in death, or that may last, or has lasted, for 12 months. The SSA maintains a long list of disabilities pertaining to both children and adults. Some of the major categories of injuries and disabilities that the SSA recognizes include: Amputations, Arthritis, Back Injuries, Blindness, Burns, Cancer, Diabetes, Hearing Loss, Heart Failure, Intellectual Disability, Mental Disorders, Organ Transplants, and Stroke. The Disability Lawyer Barrow County uses most will be able to define your condition, and begin claim execution, without a single mistake.

Why You Need An SSD Lawyer

Work injury compensation and disability benefits are not the same. Even if you are currently receiving compensation, you may become a candidate for disability benefits.

Approval may not be available at first application, and the number of people rejected is approximately the same as the number approved when you are unrepresented. If your application was originally rejected, you have 60 days to apply for a hearing. If you missed the 60-day timetable, you will have to restart the entire application process.

Our top Social Security Disability Lawyer Barrow County representative will expedite the hearings and sit at your side throughout all legal procedures.

If you wish to apply for SSI or SSD benefits, you can do so without the assistance of a lawyer. However, due to the difficulty of obtaining approval—even with professional medical advice—a lawyer is invaluable. Retain the services of our experienced attorneys today and see what we mean. We are familiar with complex applications and filings, understand the bumps in the legal road, and can facilitate faster, better results.

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