Social Security Disability Lawyer Catoosa County

Applying For SSD

Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits provide assistance to people whose physical illnesses or mental conditions prevent them from working.

It’s easy to apply for disability benefits. Firstly, talk to your doctor. Make sure they support your social security disability application and write it in their files. You can then apply online or in person at your local Social Security Office.

When applying for SSD, you have to provide medical records and information to determine if you meet the social security disability definitions. These definitions of SSD are based upon the severity of your disability. Social security only pays for disabilities where you cannot engage in any type of gainful employment, whatsoever. If you have a partial disability or a short-term disability, you will not receive benefits.

Why People Need Us

People seek help when they’re most helpless. That’s the reason we maintain a pleasant, direct and simple approach. We believe in treating other show we’d like to be treated—well. With the top SSD Lawyer Catoosa County trusts, we have a combination of skill and determination, leading to personal attention for customer satisfaction. All viable cases receive our guidance and oversight. If your claim is viable, we will represent.

Our Process

We recommend you submit your original application to avoid legal fees. If your initial claim is rejected by Social Security, you have 60 days to apply for a hearing. At this point, immediately contact the Disability Lawyer Catoosa County hires most. Residents of Catoosa County can work with experienced social security lawyers to get the benefits they need. We have a sterling record of success defending the helpless and hopeless.

Social Security Disability Lawyer Catoosa County representatives can explain this process further in a free consultation. Just be sure to meet the following three criteria, to be considered a disabled person by the Social Security Administration (SSA):

  • Inability to complete previous work.
  • Inability to adapt to other work
  • Expectation of disability to result in death or last at least one year