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Social Security Benefits In Cobb County

All across the country, millions of people are struggling with disability. Millions of individuals and families are poor and in need of help. Many of these people may never get the help they need. Many more may suffer through life, unable to change their lives for the better.

Fortunately, the government is prepared to assist.

Established many decades ago, the Social Security Administration (SSA) is a federal governmental agency responsible for assisting millions of people. Even though the SSA has strict requirements, it can and does deliver numerous benefits every month.

These monthly payments are administered in varying amounts. However, one thing remains constant. If you’re struggling, you can apply. Although you may not qualify, it’s certainly worth the effort. Social security benefits can make a world of difference for poor, disabled people in need.

If you live in Cobb County, GA, you may be eligible for critical social security benefits. Don’t delay. Contact the Disability Attorney Cobb County trusts most.

When applying for social security benefits, claimants should be aware of several things. Firstly, there are two main disability programs. Secondly, the SSA has very strict medical and vocational criteria. Thirdly, the majority of initial applications are denied.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) does not want to give away benefits for free. Social security disability is for those who need it, and deserve it. Not all disabling conditions will qualify for benefits. Not all applicants can meet the requirements.

The social security disability application is long. It is complex. It may require numerous forms and documents. You may have to receive additional medical testing. You may have to seek multiple expert opinions.

When applying for disability under the SSA, you need to be prepared.

There is a reason the majority of first-time social security applicants in Cobb County get denied. Certain claimants make clerical errors. Other applicants do not properly or completely fill out the forms. If you misrepresent or fabricate information, the SSA will likely catch you.

Don’t play games. Play smart, and hire the best Cobb County attorney near you.

The Social Security Cobb County Needs

Struggling residents of Georgia deserve social security benefits. However, even many deserving applicants for social security don’t receive such benefits. This happens for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons applicants get denied is a lack of knowledge about the application.

The best social security lawyer can ensure that all aspects of the application are completed properly. Moreover, a good disability attorney will even work hard to represent clients through all stages of appeals.

Most claimants are simply uninformed. This is not entirely the claimant’s fault. In fact, there are many confounding rules and regulations maintained by the SSA. Overall, the SSA does not make the process easy. It is very time-consuming. Not to mention, it may require extensive effort.

Before attending a Cobb County Social Security Office, get informed. In general, there are two disability programs administered by the SSA. The SSA uses both the Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) program and the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program.

The SSDI program is different from the SSI program in several ways. SSDI is administered based on disability and work requirements. Claimants for SSDI must demonstrate a sufficient work history. The disabling condition must essentially prevent the applicant from working.

By comparison, SSI applicants do not have to demonstrate a work history. In fact, many SSI applicants have never worked, or have rarely worked. SSI applicants are also typically poor. The SSA will analyse an SSI application based on the extent of “limited resources” and “limited income.”

Claimants for both SSI and SSDI must prove disability under the SSA’s requirements. This definition can be very tricky. A top social security attorney can help you prove the severity and duration of your condition(s).

Your Disability Lawyer Cobb County Representative

When you hire a social security representative, you want someone who will take your case on, head-on. You want an experienced professional with sharp legal expertise. Most importantly, you want an attorney who understands the SSA, inside and out.

Your disability attorney will first help you establish your disabling condition(s). Although there are many types of disabilities, not all types qualify under the SSA standards. The SSA only accepts disabilities that are total disabilities.

Short-term and part-time disabilities will not qualify an applicant for social security benefits.

  •  In order to qualify for social security benefits, a claimant must prove that the disability is severe and lasting. The claimant must also show that the disability prevents him or her from working.
  • A claimant is considered ‘disabled’ by the SSA if that claimant’s disability:
  • Is a medically determinable physical or mental impairment
  • Prevents the applicant from engaging in substantial gainful activity (SGA), and
  • Is expected to result in death, or
  • Has lasted or is expected to last for an entire year

These are all very important factors to consider before applying. Under both the SSI and SSDI programs, a claimant may struggle to prove disability. Some conditions simply do not limit work capacity enough.

If the SSA determines you can still work above a certain threshold, you may be denied benefits. If the SSA determines that your disabling condition is not sufficiently impairing, you may be denied benefits. If your disabling condition is likely to improve, you may also be denied benefits.

The SSA is always looking for reasons to deny you benefits. Before you visit a Social Security Office Cobb County GA location, you need to pause. Take a moment to understand the basics. Review your medical and work history. Then, visit the Cobb County disability lawyer near you.

End Your Suffering, Love Your Life

If you’re suffering with disabilities, you don’t have to suffer anymore. Even your children can benefit on your social security record. Your spouse may also receive benefits on your record. There are a number of situations in which individuals and families can benefit from social security disability.

People with disabilities shouldn’t have to suffer.

If you’re disabled or know somebody disabled, you know how hard it can be. Disabled and unable to work, many people may be unable to survive even a month.

It doesn’t matter if you have a sudden, destructive injury or a long-term disability. You may still be eligible for monthly social security benefits, under the law.

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