Social Security Disability Lawyer Conyers

Our Responsibility As Disability Law Attorneys

To fulfill the Social Security Administration (SSA) eligibility criteria for social security benefits, a doctor’s signature is not enough. You need significantly more than that to demonstrate disability. Whether you seek social security disability benefits or Supplemental Security Income, proving eligibility is never simple. Generally, 2/3rds of applications are rejected in the initial stage, and many claimants fail to appeal. This failure to appeal is a major mistake.

In the absence of legal assistance, most claimants get denied and end up giving up prematurely. This is why it’s crucial to have an expert legal attorney who can handle the SSD case. The Law Firm of O’Brien & Feiler has the top Social Security Disability Lawyer Conyers trusts. Our professionals know the SSA’s rules and regulations inside and out. We do not charge anything unless the claimant gets awarded.

The Meaning Of The Term Disability

In the case of adult workers, widows/widowers, and “adult” children seeking disability benefits, so-called disability refers to an inability to engage in substantial gainful activity. This activity must be an activity that the claimant was once able to perform for a period in the past. The claimant must be able to demonstrate a current physical and medical impairment that results in death, or that is expected to last for more than 12 months.

For children younger than 18, disability is defined differently. The child must have a medical impairment that causes “marked and severe functional limitations” that can be expected to either end in death or last at least one year.

Social Security Disability Benefits For Children Under 18             

In case a child under the age of 18 is disabled, the disability benefits are generally paid to the child’s parents or guardians. The qualifications for receiving these benefits are periodically reviewed and revised. Once the child qualifies, he will continue to receive benefits unless the Social Security Administration (SSA) finds improvement in his or her disability.

O’Brien & Feiler employ the top Disability Lawyers Conyers can hire, to maintain such benefits. These professionals will guide you throughout the process, working diligently to get the benefits the claimant deserves. If your application was denied, we will help you appeal your claim again and again.

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