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Social Security is a government program that has helped countless people across the United States. Available to those who qualify, social security benefits help for a number of reasons. These monthly payments can make a significant difference in the lives of struggling recipients.

If you or someone you know requires social security benefits, it’s time to act. The longer you wait to apply for social security, the longer your struggles will continue. Applying for benefits can be a very time-consuming process. It is important that you start early and file your application properly.

Although many people have heard of social security, a majority of people do not fully understand the programs. This social assistance is actually derived from a number of sources. Administered by the Social Security Administration (SSA), social security comes mostly from payroll taxes.

Social security is also funded by the Social Security trust fund, benefit taxes and reimbursements from the General Fund. Overall, social security is delivered to recipients who are in need and impaired by a medical disability.

However, there are many potential recipients who never receive anything. Not all applicants become recipients. This happens for several reasons. Firstly, many social security claimants make filing errors. Secondly, many applicants fail to meet deadlines. Thirdly, some applicants simply do not meet the SSA standards.

Applicants who struggle to receive benefits are not uncommon. In fact, the majority of initial benefits applications are denied. A top disability lawyer can significantly increase the likelihood of receiving these benefits.

Social security attorneys help in numerous ways. In general, these legal specialists have a firm understanding of all relevant social security laws. Experienced lawyers know how to work inside and outside the system. A top attorney will ensure that each client presents the strongest case possible.

Although not all social security applicants hire legal counsel, many claimants do. There are a number of Social Security Covington lawyers. However, not all of these specialists deliver good results. Some firms are inexperienced. Some attorneys are unsuccessful.

It is important that every disability applicant choose a lawyer fit for the case. If you are having difficulty with your claim, you need an advocate you can trust. Don’t settle for somebody who will not represent you to the fullest.

You want a social security disability attorney who will represent your claim from beginning to end. A good lawyer should help you at all stages of the process. Whether you are initially applying, or repeatedly appealing, you want a lawyer who stands by your side.

Most top attorneys will not charge you until you are approved for benefits. Be sure to consult each prospective lawyer about any fees. Make sure that you fully understand the agreement you sign.

A professional, forthright lawyer will not charge hidden fees. If you are exploring legal options, be open and direct. Ask about any and all charges and fees.

We Will Represent Your Case Today

At the Law Offices of O’Brien & Feiler, we are open and direct. We do not play games. We are committed to each and every client who walks through our doors. We value your client ship because we know how difficult the social security process can be.

If you are disabled and unable to work, we are ready to help. If you are struggling with limited income and resources, we are ready to help. We will determine the strength of your claim with a free initial consultation. If we choose to take on your case, you have our full commitment.

We take pride in being a recognized, licensed social security disability and insurance law firm in Covington. We are dedicated to providing legal help to any claimant seeking to quickly receive disability benefits.

Because the procedure for claiming Social Security disability benefits is complex and frustrating, we have the Disability Lawyer Covington needs. We can increase the possibility of acceptance on the initial filing a number of ways.

We begin by ensuring complete & accurate documentation. If there are dates missing, we’ll find them. If there is not enough evidence to prove disability, we’ll gather more evidence. We’ll consult the necessary experts and sources to obtain all information required.

We’ll also fully adhere to deadlines. The SSA can be quite strict about the submission of certain information. The process is conducted in stages. If you fail to act within a specific time-frame, you may be denied. We will ensure that this does not happen.

Finally, we ensure a smart application of the law. As the foremost leader in disability litigation, we are always aware of the latest laws and rules. We know which disabilities the SSA lists and which disabilities it doesn’t. We understand the complex Medical-Vocational grid and how to apply it.

Getting benefits approved can be extremely difficult, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. With a top disability attorney on your side, your likelihood of approval increases substantially.

However, before you can receive disability benefits, you must prove disability. When you enter a Social Security Office Covington GA location, you better be prepared. You will be faced with numerous questions about your disabling condition and your ability to work.

Our attorneys can help you prepare to the fullest.

Disability Requirements For Benefits

In order to be considered disabled according to the Social Security Administration (SSA), an individual must demonstrate permanent disability. The Social Security Act defines disability as an inability to perform any physical gainful activity due to physical or mental impairment. There are certain disability criteria that the SSA considers.

Defining Social Security Disability

The SSA determines disability by its duration and severity. When a disability is severe, it prevents a person from engaging in substantial gainful activity (SGA). This activity is gauged by the amount of money a worker makes in a month. If a worker makes at least a certain amount, he or she is said to be engaging in SGA.

The SSA will deny applicants who are engaging in SGA. If an applicant is not engaging in      SGA, the disability is evaluated further. The disability, or combination of disabilities, must:

  • Have lasted for a continuous period of 12 months;
  • Be expected to last for a continuous period of 12 months; or
  • Be expected to directly result in death

Generally, a disability must meet medical listings under the SSA’s “blue book.” If the disability does not meet these criteria, the disability must be proven equal to other disabilities. The SSA will consider the extent of the disabling condition.

A top disability attorney can help prove that a condition is severely impairing. For the most part, applicants must demonstrate that they cannot perform work previously performed. Applicants should also be able to prove that they cannot perform different work.

Although the SSA will help claimants with information and documentation, a legal representative is ideal. A sound disability attorney can fully prepare an applicant. With the help of a good lawyer, applicants can approach SSA appointments with confidence.

Don’t be too hasty to call a Covington Social Security Office Phone Number. Consult with a legal expert first. Once you have thoroughly discussed your case with an attorney, then you should apply. You can call the office at: 1-800-772-1213.

Be sure you know which SSA disability program is right for you.