Social Security Disability Lawyer Dunwoody

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Headquartered in Marietta Georgia, O’Brien & Feiler is the most recommended and trustworthy disability and insurance law attorney in Dunwoody. The firm is committed to providing help to disabled claimants seeking benefits as quickly as possible. We have enjoyed more than 20 years of experience, managing Social Security Disability/SSI, Medicaid Eligibility, and Liability Claim Resolution. Simply put, we employ the Disability Lawyers Dunwoody needs most. We provide legal assistance and expert advice in representing and defending our clientele.

We also understand what it takes to get things moving. Social security disability benefits, or SSI benefits, are granted based on residual functional capacity(RFC) to perform substantial gainful activities. In the absence of proper medical evidence, the SSA will not consider the disability of the claimant. Our lawyers are familiar with these rules and regulations, and know how to handle the SSA directly. We will guide you through every step in the benefits application process.

Common Mistakes

The claimant’s biggest mistake is failing to appeal when disability benefits are initially denied. Upwards of 75% of applications are initially denied, giving the claimant the next 60 days to re-file the appeal. Another mistake claimants make when applying is failing to provide complete medical records as requested by the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Age Requirements

There are no age requirements for receiving social security disability benefits. The Social Security regulations make it easier if the claimant is over the age of 50, but there are people of all age categories who receive such benefits. Assuming the claimant can demonstrate illness or injury, work-related effects, and other criteria, age is irrelevant. The SSA will then make a decision based on the documents received from the claimant.

With the Social Security Disability Lawyer Dunwoody values most, we get the most out of this decision. We are always ready to address your specific situation or disability, and carry out your claim. Schedule your appointment. Give us a call or visit our online portal at anytime. Get a free consultation with an experienced Social Security Disability attorney today.