Social Security Disability Lawyer Mableton

Filing A Social Security Disability Claim in Mableton

O’Brien & Feiler is a licensed social security disability and insurance law firm located in Mableton. Our lawyers are more than familiar with social security acts, rules and regulations. In the absence of proper knowledge, many claimants have their initial disability claims rejected. That’s why our lawyers are so important. We understand the Social Security Administration (SSA) like nobody else.

Important Things Every Social Security Disability Claimant

Must Know

  • The first and most important thing is the list of doctors and hospitals where the claimant received treatment. The claimant needs to gather doctors’ names, addresses, and phone numbers. At the initial stage, the SSA demands medical records. Providing these can drastically reduce the chance of denied applications.
  • Along with doctors, the SSA requests to know the prescription drugs the claimant is taking. Having a full list will expedite the overall process.
  • Information about the claimant work history is also very important. This should include the last 15 years, listing all companies, careers and jobs during that time. We can help claimants do this. With the Social Security Disability Lawyer Mableton trusts, we advise every client to remember not only employers and jobs, but their duties as well. A resume can help. The SSA also needs to know whether the client has transferable skills to other work.
  • If the claimant is applying for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) rather than Social Security Disability (SSD),the SSA will want to see the claimant’s income. Bank statements, tax appraisals, assets, life insurance policies and other financial documents are vital. Additionally, the SSA will need information about living arrangements and household costs, such as rent, food and utilities.

Application Requisites

The Disability Lawyers Mableton hires are typically very knowledgeable. At O’Brien & Feiler, every attorney recognizes the complexity of the benefits application process. The claimant must meet certain deadlines, complete filings, and provide paperwork accurately and fully documented. Seasoned attorneys will make this happen. Since the majority of initial applications are rejected, attorneys are even more warranted. Meeting the Social Security Administration (SSA) standards for disability benefits is never easy. At O’Brien & Feiler, a dedicated team works 24 hours around the clock to help the needy, disabled claimant.