Social Security Disability Lawyer Murray County

The Social Security Disability Claim Process

First, an individual needs to file an application in order to initiate the process of social security disability with the Social Security Administration (SSA). Our staff at OBF helps clients prepare their claims and win those claims every day. We understand the importance of the application process, and ensure that every detail is optimized.

How To Face Denial

Many applications are denied by the SSDI Administration. This should not discourage the claimants, but instead embolden them, as they mentally prepare for moving forward. It is imperative that a claimant quickly appeal the decision within a period of sixty days.

Upon denial, an individual claiming disability benefits has the right to request a hearing before a federal law court Judge. Proving disability is paramount. The top Disability Lawyers Murray County provides will ensure that all medical records are compiled and organized properly. All records must be presented before the Administrative Law Judge clearly and succinctly. This way, it is ensured that all appropriate social security regulations have been followed.

The Hearing and Decision Process

Although the hearing process is the most important part of the appeal process, there is no need to excessively worry. The hearing is typically a private gathering held in a small room between the judge, the hearing assistant, the attorney for the claimant and the claimant.

The judge considers all medical records that have been submitted by the claimant’s attorney. In some cases, the Judge may also call a vocational expert to determine any possibility of training the claimant for a job. At OBF, we anticipate this and have the Social Security Disability Lawyers Murray County trusts. We have a clear picture of the individual’s diagnosis, and will ensure that these limitations are presented properly to the court.

The Administrative Law Judge does not announce the decision at the hearing. Rather, a written decision is sent within 4 to 6 weeks following the hearing. If the decision is favorable, the claimant will receive his or her benefits soon thereafter. If benefits are not received quickly, an appeal should be made to the Appeals Council within 60 days.