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The Social Security Disability Lawyer Newnan Needs

The Social Security Administration (SSA) is directly responsible for assisting millions of people. This governmental agency helps those in need, whether disabled or poor. The SSA also assists a number of other individuals and families in unfortunate circumstances. Overall, the SSA aids persons from all backgrounds, from birth to death.

Unfortunately, many people need help. There are many instances where social security is not only helpful, but necessary. Some individuals become disabled and unable to work. Other persons lack the resources and income to sustain. Regardless of the situation, the SSA will assess each and every applicant for social security.

If the SSA determines that the applicant is eligible, the SSA will move the application further along. After a number of stages, a final determination will be made. If the applicant qualifies for social security benefits, those benefits will be administered monthly.

However, many people do not qualify. Even claimants who should qualify often do not qualify. This happens for a number of reasons. Many disability applicants fail to complete the forms properly. Some applicants miss deadlines. Other applicants do not provide sufficient documentation.

In many cases, a social security applicant may fail to meet the SSA standards. The federal agency has a number of strict criteria for eligibility. If a disabled applicant does not understand these requirements, he or she may never meet the criteria.

Newnan claimants should be very careful when applying. Without a firm understanding of the details, many applicants will be denied.

Disabled workers need the Social Security Newnan GA trusts. These social security benefits can make a significant difference.

This is why legal counsel is so important. The top attorneys in Newnan can help claimants obtain the benefits deserved. With the help of a sound lawyer, a disability claimant can significantly improve the likelihood of approval.

There are a number of social security attorneys in Newnan. However, only some of them are highly reputable.

A Social Security Attorney Newnan GA Can Trust

The application process can be long and difficult. There are many complicating factors involved. A social security applicant should be aware of these important steps. Medical documentation is required. Employment information is required. Many applicants simply fail to provide sufficient paperwork.

In fact, many disabled workers underestimate the requirements. This is why the majority of applications are rejected at the initial stage of the process. Many rejected applicants simply give up.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) standards are strict.

As a matter of fact, the Social Security Administration Newnan GA standards can be very strict. An applicant should be ready. Each claim is different, and all standards vary depending upon the disability program.

A disabled applicant can apply to two disability programs for benefits. These programs are the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program and the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program. Both programs administer monthly benefits, based on need and disability.

The best Newnan attorney can help navigate these programs.

Unfortunately, many applicants do not seek legal counsel. Many people think that proving disability is easy. In reality, a simple physician’s note is not enough. An applicant must provide ample paperwork to prove a disabling condition.

How The SSA Defines ‘Disability’?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) defines disability differently than do many programs. Although some programs may offer benefits for partial or short-term disabilities, the SSA does not. The agency recognizes that there are other ways to obtain aid for lesser disabilities.

The SSA will only determine applicants eligible if their disabilities are total disabilities. Generally, the agency will assess an application based on the severity and duration of the disability. The disability should be medically determinable.

The SSA disability criteria require that a disabled claimant:

(1) Cannot perform work previously performed;

(2) Cannot adapt to other work due to the medical condition(s); and

(3) Has been disabled for at least 12 months; or

(4) Expects to either be disabled for at least one year or die as a result of the disability

Applicants who are uncertain can contact the SSA directly. With the help of an attorney, applicants may be able to obtain all necessary information and documentation. Disabled claimants often begin the application process online or by phone.

Applicants can schedule a disability benefits appointment at a local Newnan Social Security Office. A top disability attorney will ensure that this stage of the process is completed fully and properly.

What Newnan Social Security Lawyers Do?

Overall, there are many cases in which a disability applicant may need legal counsel. The SSA may evaluate an applicant’s work history and work ability. The SSA will also assess earnings and assets. When assessing disability, the SSA will determine whether an applicant can complete previous or new work.

Many applicants may also be wondering about benefits for a spouse or disabled child. Some applicants are blind or have low vision.

There are a number of circumstances that can be confusing. A good lawyer knows the system and understands these complex special situations. A top disability attorney will also recognize the importance of necessary dates and listings.

As a disabled claimant, you are required to provide an onset date for your disability. You should also demonstrate that your disabling condition meets a listed impairment under the SSA guidelines. If you do not meet a listed impairment, you will have to further prove the severity of your condition(s).

Legal counsel can help you prove that your condition has a medical equivalent. If your lawyer can prove an equivalency between your condition(s) and listed impairments, you may qualify for benefits.

When visiting a Social Security Office Newnan GA location, claimants will have questions. The best social security lawyers will have the answers. If an applicant is denied, an attorney will help with appeals.

Appeals can mean the difference between a life of struggle and a life that is fruitful. The lawyers of O’Brien & Fieler recognize this. These seasoned professionals know the SSA rules and regulations like few others do.

O’Brien & Feiler (OBF) is an experienced Social Security Disability and Insurance law firm located in Newnan. Headquartered in Marietta Georgia, they have the top Social Security Disability Lawyer Newnan can offer.

They fully manage the burden of organizing claim after claim. They also fully understand why so many people need disability benefits. The lawyers of OBF provide free consultations. The firm does not charge any legal fees until the claimant gets awarded.

How To Apply For A Social Security Claim?

There are two ways to apply for disability benefits. Firstly, an applicant can choose to apply online through the portal of Social Security. Secondly, an applicant can call his or her local SSA office to schedule an appointment.

If the claimant completes the application by phone, the SSA will mail a copy of the application to the claimant. Upon receipt of the application, the claimant will be required to sign.

Social Security Claim Response Times   

After applying, it may take three to five months to get any reply on the initial application. If an application is completed improperly, there may be further delays. More than half of initial applications for disability benefits are denied because of improper filing.

Many denied applications do not include all information and do not meet SSA standards. It is especially important to include full and complete physician reports, lab tests, and other key medical information.

At O’Brien & Feiler, there are numerous Disability Lawyers Newnan has hired and hired again. These experts will help clients through the entire appeals process, working strategically to get the benefits the claimant deserves. If an application is denied, the firm will help to repeatedly appeal, if necessary.

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