Social Security Disability Lawyer Peach Tree City

Getting Social Security Disability Benefits With Our Peach Tree City Disability Lawyers

Located in Peachtree City, the O’Brien & Feiler Law Firm deals directly with Social Security disability and insurance benefits. Because the initial filing is often rejected, hiring Disability Lawyers is paramount for receiving benefits. Many claims are rejected because the evidence does not match the standards of the Social Security Administration (SSA). With the top Disability Lawyer Peachtree City trusts, we will help assemble the appropriate documentation for any SSA demand.

Age cut-offs for social security disability insurance (SSDI) benefits

To avail, a claimant can be of any age. However, other criteria apply. Because we have the Social Security Disability Lawyer Peach Tree City knows best, we strive for compliance. Our clients will increase their chances of meeting the definition of disability and earning the required number of work credits. The number of work credits depends on the age of the claimant and when he or she became disabled. The amount of social security disability insurance benefits depends on the earner’s wages and income.

Time limits for social security disability benefits

There is no prescribed time limit for social security benefits unless the claimant’s condition improves. The benefits will continue as long as the medical condition has not improved and the claimant cannot work. A social security officer conducts regular reviews to ensure the claimant is still disabled.

The disability benefits will automatically be converted into retirement benefits if the claimant reaches full retirement age and is still receiving disability benefits.

From social security disability insurance (SSDI) to Medicare

Once a claimant has received Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) for 2 years, the Social Security Administration will automatically enroll the claimant in Medicare. The Medicare benefits have two parts. The first is hospital insurance, which covers hospitals bills and follow-up care, and the second is medical insurance, which helps with physician bills and other medical expenses.

At O’Brien & Feiler, we understand how to handle every aspect. We use the regulatory terms, medical diagnoses and evidence needed to build a strong representation and finally obtain the Social Security benefits desired. We even work outside of normal business hours too. Schedule your appointment or call us today, and get a free consultation when you need it.