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Social security is a type of social assistance that impacts millions of lives across the country. Designed to aid those in need, social security benefits are administered on a monthly basis. The Social Security Administration (SSA) oversees these need-based and disability benefits.

A family may depend on these benefits. A disabled worker may have no other options. A poor mother or father may have a disabled son or daughter. There are many situations and circumstances that require social security.

When applying for social security insurance and income, disabled claimants must be careful. The Social Security Administration (SSA) does not administer benefits for everyone. The SSA will closely examine a benefits application based on strict criteria.

Many disabled workers make mistakes when applying. Often, claimants file their applications improperly and incompletely. This results in immediate denial.

Fortunately, there is help. If an applicant for social security is unsure about the details, a lawyer can help. The top disability attorneys understand the social security system like few others do. These legal experts have a deep understanding of Rome Social Security.

All disability applicants can benefit from a social security lawyer. With the help of an attorney, applicants applying for the first time will improve the likelihood of approval. Applicants who need to appeal can also benefit significantly from legal counsel.

The top social security attorneys will assist at all stages of the application process.

The Disability Lawyers Rome Can Trust

Disability lawyers understand that life can become extremely difficult. There are few things worse than a severe disabling condition. Disabled persons are unable to enjoy things they once did. These individuals may suffer physically and psychologically. They may become depressed. They may lose substantial wages.

In short, disabled living can be crippling.

The social security attorneys at O’Brien & Feiler understand this. Our consummate legal experts also understand how documentation and formalities work. This is the reason we have the Social Security Disability Lawyer Rome turns to most.

Our experienced lawyers will advise clients through the social security application process. From beginning to end, our professionals will help explain all stages and considerations. We will also help our clients prepare for what is to come.

With extensive experience in the area of social security law, our experts can prepare for both the expected and unexpected.

Top disability attorneys help in a number of ways. One of the most important traits of a gifted lawyer is knowledge. The best disability specialist understands the Social Security Administration (SSA). Although many people may find the SSA daunting, experienced lawyers do not.

A strong disability advocate understands the many definitions and requirements established by the SSA. One of these definitions is ‘disability.’

The SSA recognizes disabling conditions based on a number of important factors. When an applicant visits a Rome Social Security Office, an SSA agent will ask many important questions. Some of these important questions pertain to disability.

An applicant for social security disability benefits must prove a disabling condition. Furthermore, a disability claimant must prove significant impairment. The SSA will ultimately evaluate the severity and duration of the condition(s).

A sound social security lawyer can help an applicant qualify for benefits under the SSA ‘disability’ definition.

How Lawyers Help Prove Adult ‘Disability’?

As defined by the Social Security Administration (SSA), disability refers to any medical condition(s) that:

  • Lasted continuously for at least 12 months; or
  • Will last continuously for 12 months or result in death; and
  • Will prevent the applicant from performing substantial gainful activity (SGA)

Disabled claimants who qualify are generally unable to perform work previously performed. Moreover, applicants are generally unable to engage in new work. Although some benefits recipients may be currently working, the level of substantial gainful activity (SGA) is low.

The term, substantial gainful activity (SGA), is also clearly defined by the SSA. When a person exceeds a certain monthly income, that person is considered engaging in SGA. This threshold helps the Social Security Administration (SSA) determine if a disability is sufficiently disabling.

However, the Social Security Act permits a higher SGA for certain blind people. Non-blind individuals are not allowed to earn as much on a monthly basis. As of 2019, the monthly SGA amount for blind individuals is $2,040. Meanwhile, non-blind individuals cannot exceed $1,220 per month.

If a worker is unable to engage in SGA, that worker has met part of the SSA’s requirements for ‘disability.’ If the worker is able to meet the other severity and duration requirements, that worker fully qualifies under the SSA’s disability definition.

This definition for disability applies to adult workers, widows/widowers, and “adult” children seeking disability benefits. A Social Security Rome GA attorney can help prove that a claimant meets this definition.

However, children who are younger than 18 must meet different criteria. Both the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) programs use these different criteria.

How SSA Rome GA Lawyers Help Prove Child ‘Disability’?

Children under the age of 18 must meet specific criteria to be considered disabled by the SSA. These criteria factor the child’s level of impairment and work capability. The severity    and duration of the impairment is also important.

A disabled non-blind child claimant under the age of 18 must:

Not earn more than $1,220 a month in 2019. If blind, the child must not be earning over $2,040 monthly.

Have a medical condition, or group of conditions, that results in “marked and severe functional limitations.” The child must be severely limited in daily functioning.

Demonstrate that the condition, or group of conditions, is disabling, or is expected to be disabling, for at least 12 continuous months; or that the condition(s) will likely lead to death.

When applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), a child must meet other criteria. The SSDI program will pay benefits to adults with a disability beginning before age 22. The benefits are paid on a parent’s Social Security earnings record.

In order to receive these benefits, one of the child’s parents must be receiving Social Security retirement or disability benefits. If the parent does not receive these benefits, the parent must have died and have earned sufficient work credits under Social Security.

In the case of adult social security, the SSA considers all medical records as well as any consulting doctors. The SSA also considers other forms of evidence. An adult applicant for Social Security benefits can file complaints about medication side-effects. Claimants should also document limited daily activities.

The SSA also evaluates third-party reports about claimant conditions.

In the case of children, the SSA checks medical and other information. This documentation includes school reports detailing the daily effects of a child’s condition(s).

A seasoned disability attorney can help a claimant obtain all necessary, and supplementary, information. A claimant should contact a social security lawyer before scheduling an appointment at a Social Security Office Rome GA location.

In cases where applications are denied, social security lawyers can be especially helpful.

What Happens When The SSA Denies Benefits?

When the SSA denies the claimant benefits, the claimant has the right to appeal the decision. Basically, there are four levels of appeal. An attorney can successfully represent an applicant in these situations.

The four levels of social security appeal include:

(1) Reconsideration;

(2) Hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ);

(3) Review by the Appeals Council; and

(4) Federal Court Review

At every level, the agency will send a letter of explanation for the decision. The SSA will also provide a time-frame for filing an appeal. If you are at all confused or unsure, do not worry.

The Disability Lawyers Rome trusts understand this process. Their experience and knowledge can make a significant difference in the outcome.

Contact a disability attorney today.