Social Security Disability Lawyer Walker County

Receiving Social Security Disability Benefits

Social Security Disability Benefits are for individuals who are disabled physically or mentally, before the age of their retirement, and who are unable to work in gainful employment. These benefits are also completely based on the earnings of the individual. Thus, the amount paid depends upon the wages the person has earned throughout his or her work history, and upon the employer for whom he or she was working. The benefits are not affected by the claimant’s living status, whether alone or with others.

Receiving Supplement Security Income

This income is different from social security disability benefits. The Disability Lawyers Walker County uses most, understand this distinction. SSI benefits are for those individuals who have pre-existing disabilities, and are facing difficulty gaining steady and stable income due to the disability’s effects. SSI benefits are based on need, in the case of the elderly, disabled and blind, and are financed by the General Revenues Department. A claimant does not require any work credits to receive these benefits. However, these benefits are not to be given to any family members. The amount received is based on state laws and residency and occupancy criteria.

Getting SSD And SSI Benefits Is Complex

Based on our experience of more than two decades, the process is never simple. Even with the top Social Security Disability Lawyer Walker County loves, we still have to work hard for each and every client. A seasoned attorney will help you fill out the initial application and all other forms that proceed, including function and work history reports. The way these forms are completed can make a big difference in approval or denial of your claim. This can be the difference between waiting a few months or waiting a few years. Our lawyers will work hard to get your case approved at the earliest stage possible, by completing the forms properly and by developing expert medical evidence to support your claim.

Our lawyers will also help rejected applicants who come to our offices for appeal reconsideration. Even though winning cases at that stage is improbable, our consummate professionals know what to do. Our lawyers have faced the administrative law judges hundreds of times and understand how to move things in your favor. Contact us today for your initial consultation.