Social Security Disability Attorney

In the United States, getting social security benefits is very complex. You could be a father who recently retired and still wants to support your family. You could be a man or woman who recently lost a spouse. You could be the son or daughter of a disabled worker.

You may even be an individual who is struggling to make ends meet. Perhaps you simply can’t find substantial employment. In some cases, you may not have the ability to work.

Disability claimants are numerous and varied. Some applicants are single mothers who are unable to work because of illness. Many times, parents have a disabled child who requires extra assistance and care.

Unfortunately, some of these applicants will be denied. Due to difficult conditions imposed by our system, getting benefits is never easy.

Nonetheless, there are many reasons people apply for social security benefits. Many applicants simply don’t have a way to live fully and safely. Some applicants absolutely need assistance to live. Without benefits, some claimants may actually die.

If you or someone you know needs benefits, it’s time to act. People who wait too long to file are only hurting themselves. The wait period for approval can take many months or years. If there are rejections and appeals, the process becomes even longer.

Applicants who need help should not delay. It is important to seek the assistance of a professional. A sharp legal mind can help significantly. In fact, the best Social Security Disability Attorney will understand all aspects of the process.

Disability lawyers also know what information is critical. When filing an application for benefits, a claimant must include certain documents. Without these crucial documents, the application may be quickly denied. With the help of a lawyer, an applicant can prevent this denial from happening.

Although a social security lawyer cannot guarantee approval, a lawyer is still very useful. A good attorney will work in a number of ways.

Firstly, the lawyer will work to ensure that all paperwork is completed fully and properly. Secondly, the lawyer will work to ensure that expert vocational and medical opinions are heard. Finally, a good social security attorney will work to ensure that all appeals, and trials, proceed accordingly.

If something in the case changes, a seasoned attorney should know. If details are included or omitted, a seasoned attorney should know. The best disability lawyers understand the ins-and-outs of the process. Many of these experts even once worked for the Social Security Administration (SSA) itself.

The best disability attorney has the experience and expertise to optimize your claim.

What The Top Social Security Disability Lawyers Know

A good lawyer understands what it takes. When applying for disability benefits, a claimant must understand all aspects of the filing. The social security application is tricky. Sometimes, it can deceive applicants. An applicant may provide an answer that is immediately disqualifying.

Many applicants fail to provide full descriptions of daily functioning. On the application, the SSA has a section called the Activities of Daily Living questionnaire. This questionnaire examines the many activities undertaken on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, many applicants make mistakes. Applicants forget to mention problems with normal activities. Some applicants do not provide ample detail. This is why claimants should strive to provide as much information as possible.

If an applicant suffers pain or discomfort during an activity, the applicant should mention that physical issue. If an applicant has pain or discomfort after an activity, the applicant should mention that physical issue as well.

Applicants should not minimize physical pain or discomfort. After all, the SSA is keen on finding reasons for denial.

If the applicant answers only “yes” to a question, that applicant may be denied. However, if the applicant expands on the answer, the SSA determination may differ.

Some applicants fail to mention the difficulty of certain activities. An applicant may be able to perform a duty, but that doesn’t mean the activity is easy. Some applicants may be able to do housework. However, those same applicants may require hours of painkillers and recovery following said housework.

Applying For Medical Disabilities

In order to receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), applicants need to be careful. The application should never omit crucial information. Applicants should ensure that they apply for all relevant medical conditions.

Overall, it is much easier for a claims examiner to deny an application with just one medical condition listed. However, when an applicant lists multiple conditions, the claims examiner must evaluate more closely. In this case, the examiner must determine if the combined impairments constitute a disability.

Additional documentation can help demonstrate a disability. Many disability lawyers will recommend that their clients also complete residual functional capacity (RFC) assessments. These assessments help to establish the impairments of multiple conditions.

The best disability attorneys understand the importance of supplemental information. A top Lawyer for Social Security Disability will even accompany clients to appointments. Attorneys will be especially interested in appointments at your Local Social Security Office.

If you are unsure of where to go, you can look online. The official SSA website uses a special Social Security Office Locator. This search engine simply requires a zip code to function.

Once you input your zip code, you will receive five pieces of information: (1) the address, (2) the phone number, (3) the text telephone number, (4) the hours of operation, and (5) the map and directions.

You can also search generally online with relevant search terms. You may choose to find a “Social Security Near Me” or a “SSA Office Near Me.” You can also look in listings and other directories to find the social security location in your area.

Sometimes, it is better to talk to an agent in-person. However, many claimants seek to talk to lawyers instead. Disability lawyers can perform a significant portion of the legwork required. Social security attorneys are especially helpful for child claimants.

SSD Special Service For Children

Most law firms will not be able to cope with the challenges of child insurance or supplementary child safety income. Some cases require specific documentation from teachers, schools, therapists, doctors and family members.

At the Law Firm of O’Brien & Feiler, our Social Security Disability experts are ready. We realize how difficult it is to raise children with disabilities. We want your child’s case to be approved, so that you can access a community program that helps your child reach full potential.

Reputable Social Security Attorneys

Our disability attorneys will help children and adults from all walks of life. Our clients come to us from countless backgrounds and circumstances. In fact, we’ve helped clients with some of the most severe conditions and disabilities imaginable.

We’ve served brave veterans returning from war with PTSD. We’ve advised abuse victims recovering from major depression. We’ve aided parents raising children struggling with ADHD. We’ve seen alcoholics and drug addicts. We’ve even assisted the tired family members of irrational schizophrenics.

Whatever your case, we are ready to help. Because our Social Security Disability specialists know the different types of mental illness that affect your mental health, we know what to do. We fully understand the importance of getting a favorable decision.

We will help you get the Medicaid or Medicare you deserve, to pay for the expensive medications and treatments you need.

We offer the following unique benefits:

  • A special emphasis on the representation of the wounded and sick
  • All important work performed by experienced lawyers
  • A successful history of achievements in current and difficult problems

So don’t delay. Whether you’re applying for the first time or seeking an appeal, you need our help. Talk to us for an informed, nuanced decision. Consult us today and set your life on the right track.