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O’Brien & Feiler has the most recommended licensed disability and insurance law attorney in Sandy Springs. This firm is committed to helping disability claimants receive their benefits. We have more than 20 years of experience and have dealt with countless cases in Social Security Disability/SSI, Medicaid Eligibility, and Liability Claim Resolution. O’Brien & Feiler have the experienced and highly qualified Disability Lawyers Sandy Springs trusts. Providing high-quality legal services and expertise in representing and defending, we know how to win your claim. Our lawyers will help you obtain SSD and SSI benefits as quickly as possible. Our motive is to serve each client to the fullest.

SSA Disability Parameters

The Social Security Administration (SSA) establishes different listings for physical and medical impairments, according to the types of disability, and the analyses of the situations, circumstances and conditions of each claimant. Through the medical vocational allowance process, the SSA will review all medical records and work history records. This analysis will leave no shred of evidence unseen.

If the claimant does not meet or exceed the listed impairment criteria, and has a residual capacity to perform work, then the SSA will fail to find a disability determination.

No Partial or Temporary Disability

The Social Security Administration (SSA) will not pay for any partial disability or short-term disability. SSA will only grant disability benefits for those claimants who suffer from severe impairments that will result in death, or have lasted or are expected to last a year or more.

The Duration of the Process

Generally, there are four levels of appeal, including the reconsideration, an administrative hearing, a review by the Appeals Council, and a federal court review. The initial decision rarely takes three to five months. The reconsideration decision takes three to five months, and then more than a year waiting for a hearing. This can be troubling for many claimants, as the process becomes lengthy. Half of the applications for social security claims are rejected outright due to the absence of required information and knowledge. The Social Security Disability Laywer Sandy Springs needs can help. All top lawyers are familiar with the rules and regulations of social security disability and have the expertise to win the first appeal.

At O’Brien & Feiler, we don’t intend to complete all levels. That’s because we expect to get it right the very first time. So call us today and let’s consult!