Supplemental Security Income Lawyer Atlanta

SSI Explained

Supplementary Security Income (SSI) is a cash benefit for people 65 years or older, blind, disabled or with little or no income. The disability standard is the same as the Social Security Disability (SSD) standard. However, in order to obtain additional security income, the threshold for financial needs must also be met. If you are not eligible for SSD, or if the number of benefits you receive is below a certain financial standard, you may also be eligible for SSI. Our SSI Lawyer Atlanta representative will get you the monthly income you need.

Remember: SSI is not only for adults. Monthly SSI disability benefits can also be provided for children with disabilities, including blind children.

SSI Cash Benefits

The monthly federal benefit amount for additional security income is fixed. In 2013, the federal basic payment was $710. However, if your state pays an additional fee or you earn income, your amount may vary.

In contrast, the monthly benefits for social security recipients depend on the previous income: how much and how long employees have worked and contributed to the social security system.

Most approved disability claimants also receive some sort of retroactive or traceable disability benefit. The amount of post-payment you receive depends on the type of SSD or SSI, and the amount of time applied for disability.

Claim Rejected?

On average, approximately 70% of initial social security claims are rejected, and most claimants must pass a strict appeals process to obtain disability benefits. Thus, it’s in every claimant’s best interest to hire a Supplemental Security Income Lawyer Atlanta for representation throughout the application process. Each attorney will manage the application process and participate in a disability hearing on the client’s behalf.

It’s a win-win. Social security lawyers will only get paid when the client wins. Good for everyone. Best for you.